An Overview on Archival Inventories in the Web


The Italian landscape of archival finding aids online is continuously growing. It is strongly characterized by editorial and scientific multiformity, with structured publishing strategies, made both of previous data transferred to the web and new generation tools. Being the National Archival System (SAN) still not complete, the points of reference are the General Guide on Archives, the SIAS (State Archives Informative System), and the SIUSA (Archival Supervision Office Unified Informative System). Moreover, single institutions have independent projects for publishing online their own tools, through formats such as PDF, HTML, or XML/EAD. Among these initiatives, the Central Institute for Archives (ICAR) published a recognition of records made by each of the Italian Archives, and available online on SIAS and archives’ websites.The SIUSA offers a wide collection of records in collaboration with regional projects (such as RInASCo in Latium and .DOC in Umbria). Finally, there are some thematic informative systems such as Archivi del Novecento, which aim is to build a network of archives for Italian history. The offer is wide; in order to make an exhaustive control on such a varied situation, the creation of a federate system of local and thematic resources, interoperable with SIUSA and the newborn SAN, is necessary.


Archives; Archival description; Archival inventories; Finding aids; Web

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